Worshipful Master's Message


It's August and it is heating up outside! We have another Petition so

it's heating up inside of Mitchell Lodge as well. This will be nine new

members this year and that is amazing. A 10% growth year over year. No

other lodge in the district can boast of such members. We are going to

bring back the Bar-Be-Que ribs for this meeting as it is almost a summer

time treat. On the business side of the house I am looking to assign chairs

for the ensuing Masonic year. If you have interest in filling in at one of the

stations please let me know. Also I think there is going to be a cook-out

this month at Brother Sondesky's home and it would be great to see you all

there! More information at the meeting. It's an exciting time to be a

member of the lodge and it's even more exciting when you participate. I

hope to see you all in August. If you can't make it I hope your summer is

going well.

Fraternally Chuck