200th Anniversary

see you in 2036 ( 225 th Anniversary)

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200th Anniversary
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_we had a great year, thanks to all members who dedicated their time to help!

2011 was the 200th Anniversary of our " German speaking "Lodge. Several festivities were planned and did happen. Our desire to make an impact with these celebrations is only rooted in the tremendous work our forefathers and all Past Masters have done to bring our beloved lodge to this point. It is in their name that we can only try to do justice to 200 years of changing times ,political upheavals and economic hardships ! We hope to be judged fairly, when all is said and done.

Since it was also the Anniversary of "German Freemasonry in Pennsylvania" (1811-20110), we have a lot to be thankful for , a reason for introspection and more reasons to celebrate. More than 300 members, visiting masons and families joined us on February 12 for the "Official Masonic Celebration Lodge" at Grand Lodge in Philadelphia, Pa and the following dinner at a German Club. It was a ceremony, truly reflecting the history and accomplishments of our lodge as well as our forefathers. Many delegations from other lodges ( 39) and jurisdictions ( 5) as well as brothers from Germany and Canada joined us this day.

We have been able to attract new members and God willing will move forward strongly to reach the 225 year mark. What will be said about that time period is still to be written.

On June 12, 2011 we celebrated the "Formal Anniversary Johannisfest Jubilee", with the Grandmaster of the "Vereinigten Grosslogen of Germany" , Brother Ruediger Templin, present. We attracted a great number of members and guests from the "German/American" community to celebrate with us and toast the past 200 years and the future of "German" freemasonry in Pennsylvania and the "oldest German speaking Lodge" in the USA.

We have since marched in the 41st Steuben Parade, as well as the May Day parade in Warminster and attended Germ/Am. Day ceremonies at City Hall!

We participated in the Steuben Recognition Ceremonies at Valley Forge

We also had a German Memorial Service at Immanuel Lutheran Church, followed by a fine dinner get-together at the Vereinigung Erzgebirge Club. It was attended by 50 Brethren and Sisters.



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