Pancake Day

October 2000 Community Lodge No. 744  F. & A. M  of Pennsylvania


Pancake Day Picture Book

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 MVC-004X.gif (352594 bytes)    MVC-003X.gif (323795 bytes)    MVC-002X.gif (379477 bytes)   

      Serving line               Hungry Hordes          Gate keepers              


MVC-008X.gif (379301 bytes)    MVC-007X.gif (351393 bytes)    MVC-005X.gif (342231 bytes)

         Chef Jesse                   Steaming                  Sausage Man                                 


MVC-009X.gif (350579 bytes)    MVC-001X.gif (356519 bytes)    MVC-006X.gif (325884 bytes)

       Refills                        Kitchen Staff        Line Supervisor Bill




Many thanks to all who supported this event.


See you all next year.


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