Verona Lodge #548 F&AM

Constituted March 3, 1877


One hundred years after the founding of our Nation and a decade after the Civil War, the country was growing and prosperous. Illumination by electricity and communication by telephone were in the infant stages and were not yet advanced sufficiently for public use. Commercially successful gasoline powered automobiles were not yet being produced and other than horse and buggy the most common mode of transportation was the railroad. That, too, was also in its infancy. The borough of Verona, although only five years old, was the center of the railroad yards and engine repair shops. Because of this, Verona had become a rapidly growing community.

Because of the railroad, the Conemaugh Division of the Pennsylvania Railroad, some of the families deemed it necessary to relocate from the city to the suburbs. Among those families were prominent Masons, members of Lodge 45, who later became the men whose incentive was responsible for the beginning of the new lodge in Verona.

One autumn evening, a small group of men assembled in what was known at the time as Grier's orchard in Oakmont, in the Second Ward of Verona. The sole purpose of that meeting was to explore the possibility of formulating a Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons in the community. At the second meeting held beneath the roof of the old valley shop, illuminated by several engine torches, these men decided to steadfastly pursue this most noteworthy endeavor.

The minutes from the record attest to the culmination of these two meetings:

Masonic Hall, Fifth Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Saturday, March 3, 1877 - A.L. 5877. A special communication of the Right Worshipful Grand Lodge was held this day, Brother A.V. Cook, Right Worshipful Grand Master in the chair with all Grand Officers in their respective places. A Grand lodge of Master Masons was opened in ancient form at 12-M o'clock. The Right Worshipful Grand Master stated that the lodge was convened for the purpose of constituting Lodge No. 548 - F. & A.M. and installing the officers appointed for said lodge. The warrant was granted by the Right Worshipful Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania to the brethren of the new lodge. Verona Lodge No. 548 was duly constituted in ancient form. All but Past Masters having retired, Brother Arch H. Rowand, Jr. was duly installed Worshipful Master of the new lodge. The brethren who had retired were readmitted when Brother Charles D. Wiley, Senior Warden, Brother Joseph Henggi, Junior Warden, Brother Thomas Westerman, Treasurer, and Brother B. F. Tarr, Secretary, were duly installed in ancient form. The lodge closed in harmony in ancient form at two fifteen p.m. Attest: A. C. Wilson, Grand Secretary.

And Verona Lodge No. 548 was off and running. Continue to the next page for more history...


Verona Lodge meets the  1st Tuesday of Every Month

322 Center Avenue, 3rd Floor, Verona, PA 15147

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