Verona Lodge #548 F&AM

Constituted March 3, 1877



Continued History of Verona Lodge

Verona Lodge is deeply honored and justifiably proud to have had one of its members elected on December 2, 1957 and installed December 27, 1957 to the high office of Right Worshipful Grand Master of Masons in Pennsylvania - Brother Sanford M. Chilcote, Past Master of Verona Lodge No, 548 - 1945. Brother Chilcote's dedication and contribution to Freemasonry has left an impression with all of us, an impression which shall long endure.

Right Worshipful Grand Master Chilcote appointed two of our Past Masters to Grand Lodge positions. Brother Edward L. Rupert, Past Master 1949, was appointed Senior Grand Deacon and Brother William Schano, Past Master 1953 was appointed Grand Sword Bearer.

Right Worshipful Grand Master Chilcote honored the Lodge with an official visitation at a special meeting on Friday, January 3, 1958 A.L. 5958 held in Gothic Hall, Masonic Temple, Pittsburgh, PA. This meeting was attended by 145 members and 322 visitors.

At a special meeting on September 1, 1959, A.L. 59595, Right Worshipful Grand Master Chilcote made a Mason at sight; Brother Charles Alvin Jones. The first degree was conferred by Brother Richard A. Kern, Right Worshipful Past Grand Master. The second degree was conferred by Brother William G. Cutler, Worshipful Master of Forbes Trail Lodge No. 783 and the third degree by Brother Edward L. Rupert, Grand Deacon and Past Master of Verona Lodge. One hundred and twenty three members were present and 1239 visitors attended.

Verona Lodge No. 548 has engaged in several trips to the Masonic Homes in Elizabethtown. Most noteworthy of these was on May 6, 1967, a special meeting convened at Elizabethtown when Brother John Stewart Sommers was raised to the sublime degree of a Master Mason. The degree was conferred by his brother, Worshipful Master William K. Sommers.

Verona Lodge also arranged visits to Rising Sun Lodge No. 129, Aurora, Ontario, Canada in 1960, 1962, and 1965. Return trips from Canada were made to Verona Lodge in 1961 and 1964.

By special dispensation from the Right Worshipful Grand Master, Verona members were given the opportunity to witness the conferral of the Third Degree by the Niagara District Police Degree Team, Ontario Canada on Saturday, October 17, 1959 in Verona Lodge.

Verona Lodge is indebted to Brother James L. Baird, Bellevue Lodge No. 530, for his untiring efforts in promoting our Annual Sojourners Nights. Most notable of these meetings was one held April 3, 1956; one hundred and eighty-seven visitors attended the meeting. The guest speaker for the evening was Brother John Michelson, Lodge No. 650 at the time Head Football Coach at the University of Pennsylvania.

On the occasion of our 100th Anniversary (1977), the record showed that of the 1160 members, 498 were still living and in good standing.

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