Trustees and Comittee Members


Joseph S. Gray, P.M.
Robert L. Plummer, P.M.
Duane R. Watkins, P.M.

Representative in Grand Lodge

Thomas E. Barlow, P.M.
William J. Ebertshauser, P.M. - Substitute

Committee On Grievance

George Christoff, P.M.
Joseph Gray, P.M.
Barry Minnicks, P.M.

Committee on Masonic Education

Robert J. Cunningham, P.M.
Roscoe Metz, P.M.
Mark R. Wolfe, II, P.M.
Barry G. Minnicks Sr., P.M.
Wallace E. Grosset, P.M. Chairman

Committee on Sickness and Visitation

Thomas E. Barlow, PM
Lawrence E. Bjornberg, P.M.
Roscoe Metz, P.M.
Barry Minnicks, P.M.

Committee on Charity

Robert J. Cunningham, P.M.
Joseph S. Gray, P.M.
David C. Langsdorf, P.M.

Committee on Furniture

Alex Kalin, P.M.
George Herget
Charles S. Dudgeon, P.M., Chairman

Masonic Youth Representative

Jack Marsh, P.M, W.M.

49th District Blood Chairman

Mark Wolfe, PM

District Deputy Grand Master

Jeff A. Biddle, P.M.
Stephen Bayard Lodge No. 526
Phone 412-754-0302



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