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Master and Wardens Retreat '05

The Worshipful Master and Wardens from Mt. Pickering, along with one Past Master participated in our 2nd annual Retreat to Glen Island, near Picton, Ontario, Canada.  Once again the highlight of the trip was the visitation to Prince Arthur Lodge #228, GRC.  This year dispensation was requested and received (both in PA and ON) to exemplify the Fellowcraft Masons Degree.  The Degree was exemplified by Brother "Buster" Updegrove, who gave an outstanding degree.  We were excited to find that in addition to the brethren we had met last year, the DDGM for the Frontenac District, at least 5 Past DDGMs, 11 sitting Worshipful Masters accompanied by Brethren from their respective Lodges were in attendance for this meeting.  Brother Rick presented the Officers from Prince Arthur, who assisted us in the work, with Mt. Pickering baseball hats.  The Officers of Mt. Pickering were presented with several tokens from the Frontenac District and Prince Arthur Lodge.  A new tradition was begun, when the Officers of Mt. Pickering were presented with a Walking Stick devised and created by the Brethren of the Frontenac District, symbolizing traveling a great distance for the purpose of providing Masonic Education.  We were honored to be the first recipients of the Walking Stick.  A special thank you goes to Brother Roger Monahan, who served as the Candidate for the degree work.  We were informed that two of the Brethren in Canada plan on visiting with us in October, and that they are attempting to put together a bus trip in May 2006 to bring 40 or so Brethren with them, possibly exemplifying their Master Mason's Degree.  We look forward to seeing these Brethren again, and continuing the tradition that we have started.


Strawberry Night '05

After our stated meeting on June 13th, we had our annual Strawberry night.  We also enjoyed our 73rd annual visitation of Fernwood Lodge #543.  This tradition dates back to when I. Newton Evans, Sr. served as Worshipful Master.  We also had our 21st annual visitation from Florence Lodge #87 (GL of New Jersey).  Also visiting were brethren from several other lodges, whom we were also pleased to have visiting with us.  We look forward to several more years of shared fellowship and brotherhood.  We had 135 quarts of Strawberries and 18 gallons of Ice Cream to be served.  Thank you to all of the brethren who turned out to help prepare the Strawberries.  The 2 hours of work was well worth the effort and is greatly appreciated.


Grand Lodge of Delaware Visitation

On 14 March 2005, Mt. Pickering Lodge #446 was again honored by a visitation from the Most Worshipful Grand Master of Masons from the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of Delaware and his Grand Staff.  Most Worshipful Donald D. Thomas was presented with a mantel clock by Acting Worshipful Master, Philip T. Green, and then gave a short speech. Unfortunately Bro. Rick Hansen, WM was unable to attend, due to illness.  This was the 67th visitation of the Grand Lodge of Delaware to Mt. Pickering Lodge.  Prior to the meeting we had our annual Ham and Oyster Dinner.  The visitation was greatly enjoyed, and we look forward to hosting the Grand Lodge of Delaware again next year.

Pictured are:  Bro. Mark A. Haines, DDGM, 7th Masonic District, Bro. Robert J. Taylor, DDGM, Masonic District B, Bro. Philip T. Green, Acting Worshipful Master, Most Worshipful Brother Donald D. Thomas, Grand Master of Delaware, Bro. Thomas Gamon, IV, DDGM 40th Masonic District, and Right Worshipful Ronald W. Conaway, Deputy Grand Master of Delaware.


Prudence #11 (PHA) Visitation

On November 22nd, eight members of Mt. Pickering Lodge #446 traveled to 4301 N. Broad Street in Philadelphia to visit with our Brothers at Prudence Lodge #11 (PHA).  We were greeted warmly and enjoyed a very nice fraternal visit.  We look forward to seeing these Brothers again in the near future.  Attending this visit were Charles E. Groff, Jr., WM, George S. Robinson, Jr., PM, Rance M. Strunk, Sr., PM, Harry Gebhart, PM, Frederick A. Hansen, SW, Philip T. Green, JW,  Clarence B. Updegrove, SD, and John G. Hagee, JMC.


Fernwood Visitation

On October 14th, eight members of Mt. Pickering traveled to Philadelphia to visit with our brethren at Fernwood Lodge #543.  This visitation has been held annually for over 70 years, and is always a good time.  Any brethren who have not yet gone on this visitation should plan to do so.  Below is a photo taken by Fernwood's Webmaster.  A hearty thank you to the members of Fernwood Lodge, who made it truly a night to remember.  We look forward to seeing you again in June.


Grand Lodge Tour and lunch on the Spirit of Philadelphia

On Saturday, September 18th, 2004 the 40th Masonic District took a tour of the Pennsylvania Grand Lodge then took a cruise on the Spirit of Philadelphia.  Although the weather was not the best, a good time was had by all.  Thank you for your participation.


Instruction in the Work

Even though the lodge goes dark for July and August each year, we still have Instruction in the Work every Monday night at 7:30 PM at the Masonic Hall.  Please come out if you would like to start learning the work, or would like to brush up on that which is lost… or just come out and enjoy the fellowship.  We try to have some fun each week as the brethren who attend are giving up some of their free time. 


Master and Wardens Retreat '04

The Worshipful Master and other officers of the line participated in a retreat to Glen Island, near Picton, Ontario, Canada from June 20th through the 23rd 2004.  The centerpiece of this retreat was a visit with our brethren at Prince Arthur Lodge #228 in the Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario.  We were called upon to show our signs for the three degrees as well as the manner in which the apron is worn in each degree.  A good time was had by all at this visitation, and we were told that several of the members of Prince Arthur Lodge would like to attend one of our meetings.  I have placed a new link on the site to the Frontenac Masonic District site, which contains some outstanding information; please take the time to look at their site.  I must confess that we did some fishing, but not a whole lot of catching while on this trip.  While I don't have the official count, I believe that our Worshipful Master caught the most fish.  Brother Rick was the most anxious to fish, if he wasn't on the boat, he was looking for a good place to catch off the side of the island.  Brother Buster turned out to be the Goby King, and Brother Phil had the honor of catching the smallest fish a whopping 3" goby, so much for those mile and a half casts…






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