Verona Lodge #548 F&AM

Constituted March 3, 1877



The Future of Verona Lodge

Many names prominent in religious and civic affairs are always found on the rolls of Verona Lodge; names of those who have distinguished themselves in the arts and sciences, names of those who have fought and, in some instances, given their lives for their country. Names of those who have attained high honors in the bodies of the York Rite, Scottish Rite, and the Shrine, and names of those who have sustained the lodge in troubled times.

Yesterday has served its purpose and has passed into History. The life we lived yesterday affects our Today, but Today's life should be bigger and broader than Yesterday. As Yesterday was a preparation for Today, so Today is for Tomorrow; we should make the most of it. Yesterday we had, tomorrow we may have, today we do have. May we be thankful and use it well.

We are living in an age of scientific achievements; perhaps our Brethren of the 2077 will find this history of Verona Lodge No. 548 commonplace or obsolete. However, we strongly believe that our Masonic principles, their pristine beauty unblemished and undiminished will live on and continue to be the guiding light for all mankind!

And so 131+ years after that meeting in Grier's orchard, Verona Lodge No. 548 continues. Never swaying from the principles and tenants taught to us in Lodge but always remembering those men from Lodge No. 45 who in 1877 decided to give us the opportunity to come together for such a noble purpose.




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Verona Lodge meets the  1st Tuesday of Every Month

322 Center Avenue, 3rd Floor, Verona, PA 15147