Verona Lodge #548 F&AM

Constituted March 3, 1877



Continued History of Verona Lodge

The first member to be voted upon and accepted was Brother LaRue Tiers who had demitted from Ashler Lodge No. 87, Clinton, Kansas. Brother Tiers became Worshipful Master in 1880. The first member to be raised to the sublime degree of a Master Mason was Daniel McIver on October 16, 1877.

The lodge convened for the first five years in DeCamps Hall on College Avenue near Fifth Street in Oakmont. By dispensation, the lodge relocated to Berg's Hall on West Railroad Avenue, Verona, where they met for the next four years. By further dispensation, the lodge then moved to Verona Hall, where a room was specially fitted on the third floor. This building is known as the Monahan Building.

Records show that in 1902, on the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Lodge, there were 114 members on the rolls of which 75 were still living. Five of the eleven warrant members had passed away.

As noted in the minutes of the stated meeting of March A.D. 1902 A.l> 5902, "The option for the property on Center Avenue shall be renewed and a five year option be secured if possible." This property is the location of our present building where again, by special dispensation, the lodge moved in 1910.

In June 1906, Tyrian Lodge No. 644, New Kensington, was constituted. History notes that Verona Lodge No. 548 fathered this lodge as eleven of its first Officers and members had been passed and raised when in our Lodge.

On the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary in March, 1927, all warrant members had passed away and 288 members were living and in good standing. Total membership was 436 members.

At our seventy-fifth anniversary again showed an increase in membership of 795 of which 477 of these were active.

The minutes of November 4, 1958 indicate a resolution was introduced and adopted to purchase the warrant for Monroeville Lodge; thus, Verona Lodge was again instrumental in helping constitute a neighboring lodge.

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Verona Lodge meets the  1st Tuesday of Every Month

322 Center Avenue, 3rd Floor, Verona, PA 15147