Masonic Presidents
of the United States of America

(Nov 19, 1831 - Sep 19, 1881)

20th President of the United States of America (Jul 2 - Sep 19, 1881)


Initiated: November 19, 1861, Magnolia Lodge, No. 20, Columbus, Ohio and Passed two weeks later. Owing to Civil War duties, Brother Garfield did not receive the Third Degree until November 22, 1864 in Columbus Lodge No. 30, Columbus, Ohio, by request of his mother Lodge.

He dimitted August 1, 1865, and joined Garrettsville Lodge No.246, Garrettsville, Ohio, October 10, 1866, serving as Chaplain in 1868 and 69. Brother Garfield then became a Charter Member of Pentalpha Lodge No. 23 of Washington, D.C. on May 4, 1869; in fact, he was one of the Petitioners for the Lodge Charter.

In Washington he was exalted in Columbia Chapter No.1, April 18, 1866; received the Templar degrees, May 18, 1866, in Columbia Commandery No.2, and the 14th degree, Scottish Rite, January 2, 1872. The degrees from the 6th to the 13th were communicated to him by Albert Pike, Sovereign Grand Commander of the Rite for the Southern Jurisdiction.

Hanselmann Commandery No.16, Cincinnati, Ohio, made him an Honorary Member July 19, 1881; after he was assassinated on July 2.

He died September 19, 1881. Columbia Commandery No.2, D.C., escorted his remains to Cleveland, where he was buried in the presence of a large number of Cementers and other Masonic Bodies.

Presidential Portrait

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