Deceased Brother Prayer

In the midst of our sorrow, O Lord God, we praise Thee as Thou hast received our loved ones unto Thy self in glory and for all eternity.

We thank Thee that Thou has brought them to the knowledge of Thy saving grace through our Lord and Savior.

Bestow upon us Thy holy comfort in the glorious hope of resurrection and the life eternal in Thee.

Grant unto us, we humbly beseech Thee, peace to say with believing hearts, Thy will be done, and to know that Thy will is a good and glorious will, even in the presence of death and sorrow.

Comfort us in the knowledge of Thy gospel which promises strength and health to the weary and troubled soul.

O Heavenly Father, forsake us not in this hour, for we ask Thy gifts of peace which passeth all understanding.


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