Prayer At A Fifty Year Presentation

Almighty Father of mankind, grant unto (this, these) (Brother, Brethren), who for fifty years, (has, have) been a member of our fraternity, the blessings of life, health and strength, and the daily provisions of Thy good and all wise providence.

Grant, O Lord, we beseech Thee, that as our (Brother, Brethren) continue through life, (he, they) may have rest from every burden, grace to meet every need, and to receive from Thee, an abiding peace that passeth all understanding.

May the light of Thy countenance shine upon (him, them), and may faith, hope and love ever brighten (his, their) years that (he, they) may dwell in Thy love all the days of (his, their)(life, lives).

These blessings we ask in the name of the Supreme Architect of the Universe, to whom be glory and honor forever more.


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