Officers 2011







       Worshipful Master - Brother Aaron L. Todd 






                                                               Senior Warden - Brother Jon M. Lewis                                                                          Junior Warden - Brother  Richard W. Thomas Jr.







Elected Officers



Worshipful Master             Brother Aaron L. Todd




                  Senior Warden                  Brother Jon M. Lewis


                                Junior Warden                  Brother Richard W. Thomas Jr.



                  Secretary                          Brother Stephen Sucke



                               Treasurer                                 Brother Robert S. Metcalfe, PM




Appointed Officers




                       Senior Deacon                          TBA



                         Junior Deacon                           TBA


                         Pursuivant                               TBA


                                                Sr Master Of Ceremonies          Brother Mark Ament


                       Jr Master Of Ceremonies          TBA


                            Tyler                                        TBA      


                                                          Chaplain                                   Brother Michael P. DeSavage



                                            Trustees             Brother Gerald A. Sutherland, PM

                                                                      Brother Charles H. Miller, PM
                                                             Brother Jason Bush, PM