Square & Compass Newport Lodge #381 Square & Compass
Free & Accepted Masons
Constituted February 4, 1867

A.D. 2013 - A.L. 6013

Elected Officers
Worshipful Master Matthew S. Teter, P.M. (717) 265-3898
Senior Warden James E. Yohn, P.M. (570) 556-7616
Junior Warder Matthew D. Butler (717) 514-4367
Treasurer Albert W. Miller, P.M. (717) 567-6866
Secretary James E. Sharar jpesharar@embarqmail.com
Trustees Carl R. Clouser, P.M.  
  Walter L. Cressler  
  William H. Trout, P.M.  
Representative to Grand Lodge Calvin E. Deiterich, P.M.  
Substitute Representative to Grand Lodge Mark A. Gross, P.M.  

Appointed Officers
Chaplain Jack R. Richard
Senior Deacon J. A. Leferve
Junior Deacon Glenn H. Donahey
Senior Master of Ceremonies Harry S. Campbell
Junior Master of Ceremonies Michael E. Camp
Pursuivant Rodney L. Rhoades
Tyler James L. Myers
Representative To Pennsylvania Youth Foundation Michael J. Lapp
Blood Committee Chariman Michael E. Kunkel, P.M.

Instruction and Certification
Carol R. Clouser, P.M
Albert W. Miller, P.M.
William H. Trout, P.M.
James E. Yohn, P.M.
James L. Myers
Joseph W. Kresge
Masonic Education
Matthew S. Teter, P.M.
Albert W. Miller, P.M.
Mark A. Gross, P.M.
Sick and Visitation
James L. Myers
Howard T. Hardie, P.M.
Douglas R. Beatty
Mark A. Gross, P.M.
Glenn H. DOnahey
James E Sharar
Albert W. Miller, P.M.
Richard D. Little, P.M.
Robert M. Boyer, P.M.
Fund Raising
Paul L. Smith
James L. Myers
John L. Paden

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