The Pennsylvania Youth Foundation
Coordination & establishment of a CHIP Program - Assistance with all Youth Related Programs within the jurisdiction.

William K. Person, W.M .,
Lodge No. 755 - Chairman
Phone 570-546-6483

Membership and Development
Assistance with all areas of Membership Growth, Retention & Development within your Lodge.

George J. Casella, Sr., P.M., Lodge No. 707 - Chairman
Phone 570-368-1291
-          email:


Blood Donor Program
Assistance with information regarding Blood & Organ Donation Programs with in the jurisdiction and district.

Stephen M. Wertz, WM, Lodge No. 299- Chairman
Phone 570-651-3069

Masonic Education
Assistance with procuring Speakers and Programs for your Lodge - Instruction and Assistance with the Mentoring Program.

Michael A. Slack, PM, Lodge # 199 - Chairman
Phone 814-349-8733

District Officers

Principal Instructor of Ritualistic Work:

Darrin L. Feerrar P.M. , Lodge 707

Deputy Principal Instructors:
Scott L. Ingraham, PM, Lodge 707
Phone - 570-398-1199


Michael J. Wallis, PM, Lodge 299
Phne - 570-547-2267

President -
Vice Pres. -
Sec. / Treas. -
Brent D, May , WM, Lodge199
Ben E Zeafla, WM, Lodge 397
William K. Person, PM, Lodge 755
David S. Porter, SD, Lodge 755