The Pennsylvania Youth Foundation
Coordination & establishment of a CHIP Program - Assistance with all Youth Related Programs within the jurisdiction.

William K. Person, W.M .,
Lodge No. 755 - Chairman
Phone 570-546-6483

Membership and Development
Assistance with all areas of Membership Growth, Retention & Development within your Lodge.

George J. Casella, Sr., P.M., Lodge No. 707 - Chairman
Phone 570-368-1291
-          email:


Blood Donor Program
Assistance with information regarding Blood & Organ Donation Programs with in the jurisdiction and district.

Stephen M. Wertz, WM, Lodge No. 299- Chairman
Phone 570-651-3069

Masonic Education
Assistance with procuring Speakers and Programs for your Lodge - Instruction and Assistance with the Mentoring Program.

Michael A. Slack, PM, Lodge # 199 - Chairman
Phone 814-349-8733

District Officers

Principal Instructor of Ritualistic Work:

James A. Young, Sr., PM, Lodge 707

Deputy Principal Instructors:
Scott L. Ingraham, PM, Lodge 707
Phone - 570-398-1199


Stephen M. Wertz, PM, Lodge 299
Phone - 570-651-3069

President -
Vice Pres. -
Sec. -
Treas. -
Donald B. Bergerstock, WM, Lodge 755
Charles T. S. Ricketts, SW. Lodge 299
William K. Person, PM, Lodge 755
William K. Person, WM, Lodge 755
David S. Porter, SD, Lodge 755