John F. Laedlein Lodge No. 707

2013 Elected Officers                       Recent Photos
Darrin L. Feerrar, WM                                                    
S. Andrew Baker, SW                                                     Upcoming Events
Brett A. Hinkal, JW
William E. Fritz, Secretary                                                18th District School of Instruction Dates
Robert Eric Saul, Treasurer
                                                                                                                      Pictures of March 2012 Trip to Grand Lodge 

Upcoming Lodge Events
* Note: All Lodge events are held at the Zarar Grotto in South Williamsport unless noted otherwise.
March 11, 2013 7:30 pm -- Stated Meeting. Meal is at 6:30.  Contact our WM for a reservation.
            * Program: Presentation of 25-year member emblems

18th District School of Instruction Upcoming Dates:
2nd and 4th Wednesday's at 7:00 P.M.
All school of instruction events will be held at the Masonic Temple in Williamsport.

Recent Photos

Group photo from March 9. 2013 extra meeting for One day man to MM event.  New MM Devin A. Thompson is front row, center.

New MM Devin Thompson and his father Steven Thompson.  March 9. 2013.

New MM raised on Jan. 14, 2013.  L to R: Bro. Julius Tomei ( guide- EA & FC), Stephen Lane (father of new MM), Rocky Lane (new MM), Glenn Paulhamus PDDGM (degree master MM), and Paul Hubbard PM (degree master- EA/ guide-MM).

New master mason raised on October 8, 2012. Left to right are: Brothers Paul J. Hubbard, PM (guide), S. Andrew Baker III (SW and degree master), Gerald A. Horning (new MM), and Darrin L. Feerrar (WM).

New 50 year members: (L to R) Darrin L. Feerrar, PM; Jack M. Hitesman, new 60 yr member; Robert E. Leutze, new 50 year member; Bruce L. Frymire, new 60 year member; Kenneth W. McClintock, DDGM

officers 2012
2012 Officers.  Front row (L to R): William E. Fritz, Secretary; S. Andrew Baker III, SW; Darrin L. Ferrar, WM, Brett A. Hinkal, JW; Robert E. Saul, Treasurer.  
Second Row (L to R):  Keith W. Toner, Tyler; Walter J. Sinatra, SD; David H. Aungst, SMC; Charles P. Craig, JD; Eugene G. McGill, JMC; David L. Hubbard, PM, Chaplain.

25 yr members 2012
New 25 year members.  
(L to R): Edwin R. Young, PM in 1987;  Scott Younkin, New 25 year member; David Watts, New 25 year member; Darrin L. Feerar, WM.

mm jan 2012
New master masons that were raised on January 16, 2012. Left to right are: Brothers Guilio Tomei (guide), S. Andrew Baker III (SW), Eric Hart (new MM), Darrin Feerrar (WM and degree master), James Pryor (new MM), Paul J. Hubbard (PM and degree master), and Michael Richmond (PM- Lodge 106, guide).