On March 2, 2010 we went to Wellsboro Ossea Lodge 317
to bring home the Traveling Gavel.

Front row: Robert Fye, Gary Cooper II PM, Thomas Wilson, Raymond Sackrider WM.,
Michael MacDonald, Dirk D'Haene
Back Row: Richard Davis PM, Marwin Cummings PM, Donald Warren PM, Grant Davis PM




We held the gavel until April 15th when
Westfield Lodge 477 came to claim it.

Front row: Hardy Judd, Kevin Kulish WM
Back Row: Michael Judd, Aaron Patterson, George Aikens, and
Brian Dennison



Westfield is at a disadvantage as their next stated meeting is the Tuesday
following our meeting 
so on April 20th we took it back.

Front row: Michael McDonald, Raymond Sackrider WM, Grant Davis PM
Back row: Richard Davis PM, Marwin Cummings PM, Lawrence Gee PM, Thomas Wilson, Donald Warren PM



Much to our pleasure we were able to keep the gavel until June 17th When
Westfield Lodge 477 again visit us and took it back.  As they are in recess
until September we will have to wait until then to go retrieve it, but we will.

Front Row: Kevin Kulish WM, Brian Dennison

Back Row: ????, Michael Judd




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