We are currently working on cleaning and repairing the Lodge.

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These pictures were taken during the work session in March

Doug, Dirk, and Don
getting it done

Mike was sick so we
avoided him

Ray was not allowed to
paint so he plugged holes

Dirk was not happy when the
wall painter got ahead of his trim

Doug checking out the
crew, Don working

Mike in the corner while
Don and Lynn work

Don, Marwin and Lynn
making it look good

Doug is explaining which
left and which is right to Dirk

Don on a ladder

Dirk is thirsty, Mike is
tired, and Doug is working

Ray Sackrider, Mike MacDonald, Don Warren, Dirk D'Haene, Doug Davis, Marwin Cummings, Lynn Newcomb, and myself spent a few hours painting the main meeting room.





















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