District Deputy Grand Master


the 14th Masonic district





Wendell R. Hunt    
  95 Elk Lake Drive
Waymart, PA 18472

Cell - 570-493-1888

Land line - 570-488-5269

 Email: DDGM14@pagrandlodge.org


Greetings to all members of Waymart Lodge, all Masons and non-Masons and their

families . I am pleased to serve as Deputy Grand Master for District 14 and will do

whatever possible to advance Freemasonry. Masonry has a glorious past and bright

future. Please feel free to contact me at anytime.


Official Visitation Schedule for 2015


District 14 Event Dates for 2015

1.     Official Visits


a.      Official Visits are scheduled for your lodge’s stated meeting date. There is to be no degree work during official visit but a short Masonic education program is encouraged. Dates scheduled may not be changed and are listed below:


b.      Salem # 330                            January 12 2015

c.       Kingsbury # 466                      February 11, 2015

d.      Waymart # 542                       March 3, 2015

e.   Carbondale # 249                   May 6 2015

f.     Milford # 344                          June 17, 2015

g.    Honesdale # 218                  September 3 2015


2.      Extra Meetings are not to be scheduled on the date of a Stated or Extra Meeting of any other lodge in the District. Stated Meetings by lodge are below:


a.      Waymart – 1st Tuesday

b.      Carbondale – 1st Wednesday

c.       Honesdale – 1st Thursday

d.      Hamlin – 2nd Monday

e.      Kingsbury – 2nd Wednesday

f.        Milford – 3rd Wednesday


3.      Rainbow visitations – Third Thursday of April and October       4/17/2014 and 10/16/2014.


4.      School of Instruction – Held the 4th Tuesday of each month except June, July and December. Please notify lodge officers and members via a standing notice in Trestle Board.


5.      Suggested programs for each lodge’s officers/program committees to consider.


a.      Masonic Blood Drive

b.      CHIP programs – singly or joint with other lodges

c.        Recognize/contact widows of deceased brethren