Congratulations to the winners of this years raffle!

The Officers and Members of Waymart Masonic Lodge #542 would like to thank everyone for purchasing tickets for this year’s charity raffle.

    With the help of your support, we can continue in our charitable works, such as our many local giving programs, the CHIP Program (Child Identification Program), Dare Program, Christmas Charity, Scholarship Programs, The Pennsylvania Masonic Homes and many other programs that need attention throughout the year.

Again, thank you for your support.

The Members of Waymart Lodge #542


2014 Raffle Winners

Grand Prize 10,000

Dan Figura Tk# 0432

2nd $2,000 Chuck Grimm Sr. Tk# 2449
3rd $1,000 Tom Liptak  Tk# 1180
4th $500 Mike Beam Tk# 1569
5th $400 Rich Koziak Tk# 1060
6th $300 Randy Thorpe Tk# 1587
7th $200 Eric Ransom Tk# 0481
8th $200 Renee Martin Tk# 2029
9th $200 Phil Eltz Tk# 2081
10Th $200 H Draper Tk# 1724
11th $100 Allyson Cavage Tk# 0629
12th $100 Dee Ketcham Tk# 0693
13th $100 C Davies Tk# 0213
14th $100 J Matuzinsky Tk# 2093
15th $100 Luke Gardner Tk# 2304
16th $100 Chris Brundage Tk# 1969
17th $100 Jeffery Lamborton Tk# 1793
18th $100 Buddy Bell Tk# 1576
19th $100 Lori Olver Carney TK # 1122
20th $100 Terry Fortuna TK# 1720

Waymart Lodge donates to Waymart Fire Co.




Draw Master center with Worshipfull Master and Senior Warden.         Waymart Lodge # 542 donates to Waymart Volunteer Fire Co.

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