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The data is recorded by Masonic Region in Pennsylvania. To determine what region you are in, click here. If you know your region, you may look at a list of all available speakers in a region by selecting TOPIC: ANY and typing region _______ using the words (not numbers...1,2,3) for the region. Ex: region one, region two, etc.

KEYWORDS are also stored for each topic. Keywords will help you narrow your search for specific subjects, ex: guns, ritual, education, etc. You can even search by the Last Name of the Speaker, if you want to find out what topics he or she offers. If you aren't sure how to spell the last name, enter the first 3 or 4 letters and see if that produces the results you need.

You can type a combination of a Region number AND topic keywords, to help narrow your search.
Separate the words by spaces. EX: region one george washington
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